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Q&A: oil spill claims paid by BP

Q&A (2015-16)Allan BlutsteinComment

Q.  How can I secure a list of all BP payees in Mississippi?  I need names and dates and amounts of payments made by BP to claimants.

A.  As you probably know, Deepwater Horizon claimants were initially paid by BP via the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, which then transitioned to the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center.  These entities do not, however, appear to qualify as agencies for FOIA purposes.  The Deepwater Horizon Claims Center has published certain statistical information that might be of interest to you, but it has not disclosed the specific information you seek.  Several federal agencies, notably DOJ and FEMA, have participated in monitoring and overseeing the Deepwater Horizon claims and cost reimbursement process.  If you wish to submit FOIA requests to those agencies, their FOIA websites can be found here:  DOJ and FEMA.