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FOIA News: Round three of Clinton emails

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State emails offer glimpse into Hillary Clinton's world

By Rachael Bade, POLITICO, July 31, 2015

Hillary Clinton was sensitive to photos of herself, enjoyed Kennedy Center perks and had to deal with more than one Democratic Senator pestering her and top staff about cushy jobs for family or acquaintances.

Those are just a few things gleaned from the State Department’s third drop of emails Friday afternoon from Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

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State has been ordered by a federal judge to release her emails on a rolling basis. Clinton used a home-brewed email system while she led the department, sidestepping government rules that require officials to use government addresses to ensure official records are kept.

No bombshells surfaced from the document dump, but they offered a glimpse into from Clinton’s State Department world.

Here are some greatest hits from Friday’s posts:

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