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Q&A: financial records concerning Camp Wonder Hands, Columbia, SC

Q&A (2015-16)Allan BlutsteinComment

Q.  How can I use the FOIA to receive the financial report for Camp Wonder Hands since 1998?  

A.  As you probably know, Camp Wonder Hands is sponsored by Palmetto Health Children's Hospital and funded by the hospital and through private, civic, and corporate contributions, including from the Palmetto Health Foundation. The Children's Hospital is part of Palmetto Health, a nonprofit public benefit corporation.  The North Carolina Public Records Law applies to "every public office, public officer or official, institution, board, commission, bureau, council, department, authority or other unit of government of the state or of any county, unit, special district or other political subdivision of government." G.S. 132-1. In 1981, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that the expense accounts of the president and board of directors of  the Wake County Hospital System were required to be disclosed under public records law.  News and Observer Pub. Co. v. Wake County Hospital System, 284 S.E.2d 542, 55 N.C.App. 1 (N.C. App. 1981).  Therefore. you might wish to submit a Public Records Law request to the above-referenced entities. 

Note that if you are interested in the Palmetto Health Foundation's financial statements, they can be located on its website here:  On page 27 of the following document, for example, you'll see a line item for Camp Wonder Hands: