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FOIA News: Episode III -- Return of the Drones

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Another Round Over Drone Secrecy Hits Second Circuit

By Adam Klasfeld, Courthouse News Service, Oct. 25, 2016

Refereeing the third round of the same transparency fight, the Second Circuit left court-watchers in suspense over whether it would shine a light on the government's reasons for targeting U.S. citizens abroad in drone strikes.     

Two years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union scored a clean knock-out in the first round that revealed an important document about the government's so-called targeted-killing program, but the government had the civil-rights group on the ropes in the sequel, in which it protected the vast majority of its records.

After an hour-long Second Circuit match-up on Tuesday, the fate of the final chapter of the trilogy — which centers on the fight to disclose 59 more documents — is anybody's guess.

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