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FOIA News: Frequent EPA FOIA requester joins transition team

Allan BlutsteinComment

Longtime EPA foe goes behind enemy lines on Trump ‘landing team

By Stephen Dinan, Wash. Times, Dec. 18, 2016

For a decade, he has used open-records laws to pry loose some of the EPA’s secrets. Now Christopher Horner is on the inside, part of President-elect Donald Trump’s landing team at the Environmental Protection Agency, preparing the way for the next administration.

Perhaps no issue will see a greater change Jan. 20 than energy and environmental policy, and the EPA will be the epicenter of that upheaval, moving from a leadership committed to global warming science to a band of skeptics eager to upend the past eight years.

It’s the latest evidence that elections have consequences and in some cases ignite strange chain reactions — such as Mr. Horner being posted to the EPA.

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