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Court opinions issued Feb. 22-23, 2016

Court Opinions (2015-16)Allan BlutsteinComment

Feb, 23, 2016

Peeler v. Fed. Bureau of Investigation (D. Conn.) -- determining that the FBI conducted a reasonable search in response to prisoner's request for records associated with his personal pager number.

Feb. 22, 2016

Woods v. Elec. Surveillance Unit (D.D.C.) -- ruling that the Department of Justice's Criminal Division properly withheld electronic surveillance records from prisoner pursuant to Exemption 3, in conjunction with 18 U.S.C. §§ 2517 and 2518(8)(b), as well as Exemption 5 (deliberative process and attorney work product privileges).  

Lapp v. Fed. Bureau of Investigation (N.D.W.Va.) --   finding that the FBI properly withheld certain fingerprint-related information pursuant to Exemption 7(E) and that it conducted an adequate search. 

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