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Q&A: Jailhouse blues in the Constitution State

Q&A (2015-16)Allan BlutsteinComment

Q.  Is it possible to obtain video footage of a person who was arrested while they were in the holding cell?  My fiancé was arrested in Connecticut and abused by several officers during the booking process and while he was in the cell. 

A.  The following guidance from Connecticut's Freedom of Information Commission might be instructive:

To obtain records from a public agency in Connecticut, you must request them from the agency that has those records. You have the right to view public records without obtaining a copy, as well as the right to obtain copies.  The agency may ask you to put your request in writing, regardless of whether you wish to inspect or receive copies.  There is no universal form for making a records request in Connecticut, although some agencies have created one for their own use. Simply articulate what records you seek as succinctly and specifically as possible. Make sure the request is made directly to the department in the agency that has the records. Municipal agencies may charge a maximum of $.50 per page, and state agencies may charge a maximum of $.25 per page. Other fees may be charged for certified copies of public records or for transcriptions, printouts or records on electronic media.