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FOIA News: More Clinton records will be released in response to multiple FOIA requests

FOIA News (2015-16)Allan BlutsteinComment

Media, Conservatives Seek Release of Hillary Clinton’s Records

Many of the Freedom of Information Act requests are years old, forcing filers to go to court to get agencies to act

By Byron Tau, Wall St. J., Sept. 5, 2016

An aggressive legal campaign waged by media outlets, conservative groups and Republican operatives will result in thousands of pages of Hillary Clinton’s official records being released between now and Election Day.

That means the Democratic presidential nominee over the final weeks of the campaign will be questioned about everything from emails to her daily meeting schedules while she was secretary of state. While Mrs. Clinton has held a durable if narrower lead over Republican rival Donald Trump in national polls, she continues to be dogged by records releases as well as a new Federal Bureau of Investigation report on her use of a private email account at the State Department.

That FBI summary, released late last week, showed Mrs. Clinton having little command of basic requirements dealing with protection of government secrets and spotty recall of the details surrounding her email setup. On about three dozen occasions, Mrs. Clinton told FBI agents she couldn’t recall certain facts.

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