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FOIA News: Clinton is "very arguably the biggest FOIA felon of all time," opines former OIP Director

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Forget the Hacking, One Decision Likely Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency

By Dan Metcalfe, Law Newz, Jan. 2, 2017

Just imagine this:  What if, instead of what plagued her during the past two years, Hillary Clinton had actually had no problems whatsoever with her use of electronic mail during her tenure as Secretary of State?  What if there were no “email scandal”at all?  

This really would not have taken much – all Hillary Clinton would have had to do was act like any other Department of State official.  First, when she arrived there, she would have had to begin using an official agency email account, one ending in “,” for her basic official email communications.  Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick F. Kennedy and his staff would have set this account up for her, as he should have, regardless of her degree of technical proficiency or desire for singular expediency.  And if she was ever forced by exceptional circumstances to use her personal email account for the conduct of some official business, her aides would have routinely retrieved those emails for direct placement on the State Department’s official email system.

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