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FOIA News: Journalists collaborating on FOIA and Trump

FOIA News (2017)Allan BlutsteinComment

Journalists around the country are joining a Slack channel devoted to FOIA and Trump

By Kristen Hare, Poynter, Jan. 25, 2017

A few days before President Trump's inauguration, MuckRock opened up a Slack channel to help journalists better cover him and his administration.

As of Wednesday, 250 people signed up. Most are journalists, about half from national newsrooms and half from local newsrooms around the country.

"Anytime we have a new administration, there's turnover and there are changes," said Michael Morisy, MuckRock's co-founder. "I always think it's important for reporters to get an understating of what that new administration's priorities are. I think that's true no matter who's taking office."

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