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FOIA News: DOJ-OIP Releases FOIA Reporting Deadlines for FYs 2017 & 2018

FOIA News (2017)Ryan MulveyComment

Upcoming FOIA Reporting Deadlines

Dep't of Justice, Office of Info. Pol'y, Oct. 5, 2017

October marks the end of Fiscal Year 2016 and the beginning of the FOIA reporting season.  Today, OIP announces the deadlines for the submission of agencies' Fiscal Year 2017 Annual FOIA Reports, Fiscal Year 2018 Quarterly FOIA Reports, and 2018 Chief FOIA Officer Reports.  The overall report requirements and process will be similar to last year. 

Last year, for the Fiscal Year 2016 Annual FOIA Reports, agencies fulfilled three new requirements resulting from the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016.  We remind agencies of these requirements for Fiscal Year 2017.  Agencies must:

  • Proactively make available the raw data elements used in the creation of their final Annual FOIA Report,
  • Include in their Annual FOIA Report the number of times an exclusion was used, and
  • Include in their Annual FOIA Report the number of records that were made available for public inspection under subsection (a)(2) of the FOIA (proactive disclosures). 

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