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FOIA News: Union chief raises fists as GOP firm requests emails

FOIA News (2017)Kevin SchmidtComment

Union chief raises fists as GOP firm requests emails

By Kevin Bogardus, Greenwire, Feb. 3, 2017

A top U.S. EPA union official has come under scrutiny from a Republican political opposition research firm.

America Rising LLC filed a Freedom of Information Act request this week for emails sent to or from John O'Grady, president of American Federation of Government Employees Council 238, that mention President Trump. O'Grady's council is made up of all of AFGE's local EPA unions, representing about 9,000 agency employees overall.


In an interview with E&E News, officials with America Rising emphasized that filing FOIAs is standard operating procedure for the firm and that this request was not meant to suppress dissent among EPA career employees. Instead, they said, the group wants to shed more light on internal government operations.

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