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Court opinions issued Aug. 17-Aug. 18, 2017

Court Opinions (2017)Allan BlutsteinComment

Aug. 18, 2017

Carlson v. USPS (N.D. Cal.) -- determining that Postal Service improperly withheld names, titles and email addresses of certain agency employees pursuant to Exemptions 5 and 6.

Elec. Privacy Info. Ctr. v. IRS (D.D.C.) -- ruling that tax returns of President Trump were not subject to disclosure without his written consent, which plaintiff failed to submit.

Aug. 17, 2017

Bush v. USDA (N.D. Iowa) -- finding that agency conducted adequate search for records of soybean and corn yields within four townships in Iowa, and that any arguably responsive records were protected pursuant to Exemption 3 in conjunction with 7 U.S.C. § 1502(c)(1).

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