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FOIA News: FOIA lawsuits a threat to our democracy, opines watchdog

FOIA News (2017)Ryan MulveyComment

Op-Ed: FOIA lawsuits a threat to our democracy, insult to our time

Chris Krug,, Sept. 21, 2017

Let’s talk about time, if only for a moment so as not to waste too much of yours.

More precious than gold, more fleeting than beauty, nobody who’s living a life worth living has an excess of time. Whether it is God, family, work or community, we’re allocating our time to things that further the American way.

So I don’t flinch when I read stories about low attendance – or no attendance – at community board meetings, legislative hearings or any other kind of governmental activities that legacy media outlets rag on the public for not showing up to watch it.

We the people, well, we’ve got other things going on. We simply do not have the hours in a day to be present to watch government work (or not work). We trust that it is functioning, but verification is a must.

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