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FOIA News: Docs shed light on NARA’s role in release of Spanberger’s personnel file

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The National Archives Passes the Buck on Spanberger

By Scott R. Anderson & Benjamin Wittes, Lawfare, Nov. 1, 2018

Late on Friday, we received the first set of responsive documents to our “meta-FOIA request” regarding the release of congressional candidate—and former postal inspector and CIA officer—Abigail Spanberger’s unredacted SF-86 form. It came from the National Archives and Records Administration, whose National Personnel Records Center is reported to have initially received the FOIA request from the conservative group America Rising. The personnel records center then claims to have forwarded Spanberger’s personnel record, including her SF-86, to her former employer, the U.S. Postal Service, for processing. USPS then made what it claims was a mistake in releasing the SF-86 form to America Rising unredacted.

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[Note: The author of this post submitted America Rising’s FOIA request to NARA]