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FOIA News: CPSC transitions to electronic notification for Exemption 4 consultations

FOIA News (2018)Ryan MulveyComment

Check Your Spam Filters!: CPSC Has Automated FOIA Communications

Cheryl Falvey et alRetail Consumer Products Law, May 9, 2018

You may have received an e-mail notice this week from the CPSC about the FOIA office’s new “Electronic Manufacturer Notification Collaboration Portal.”  The main purpose of the Portal is to reduce costs by using e-mail instead of snail mail for Section 6(b) and other FOIA-related notifications. 

Generally, automation of this process shouldn’t result in any meaningful changes in the FOIA notification and objection process.  The Commission’s regulations allow firms to submit information with a request for confidential treatment.  If the Commission receives a FOIA request for information previously designated confidential, the person who previously submitted the request for confidentiality is notified of the FOIA request and the need for quick response to protect that information from disclosure.

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