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Court opinions issued May 1, 2018

Court Opinions (2018)Allan BlutsteinComment

Greenpeace v. DHS (D.D.C.) -- finding that: (1) agency performed reasonable search for records concerning facilities formerly classified as high risk due to their chemical holdings, and (2) agency properly withheld certain records pursuant to Exemption 7(F).   "While there are surely many hard cases under Exemption 7(F), the court stated, "this is not one of them. The information in question was compiled by DHS in order to keep our country safe from terrorist attacks. Disclosing it would reveal the location of facilities containing dangerous chemicals terrorists might target, as well as how the government has assessed the risks posed by those facilities—all information that terrorists might exploit."

Igoshev v. NSA (D. Md.) -- ruling that National Security Agency properly relied on Exemptions 1 and 3 in refusing to confirm or deny existence of records pertaining to ownership, use, and targets of satellites.

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