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Q&A: Virginia is for lovers?

Q&A (2018)Allan BlutsteinComment

Q.  I submitted a FOIA request as a citizen of Virginia. Soon after, three people of the local government including the Board of Supervisor chairman contacted my employer to file a complaint. I received the information requested, but is it a violation of FOIA to harass and intimidate an individual by contacting their employer?

A.  The Virginia Freedom of Information Act does not address the unfortunate behavior you have described. Other state laws or local policies might apply, but you should confer with an attorney licensed in the Commonwealth for legal advice.   

P.S. The Virginia FOIA does not prevent you from submitting a follow-up FOIA request that seeks copies of the offenders emails about you (or any other topic of interest),  as well as their personnel files, work calendars, travel expenses, etc.