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Court opinions issued June 7, 2019

Court Opinions (2019)Allan BlutsteinComment

Cable News Network v. FBI (D.D.C.) -- ruling that: (1) agency properly relied on Exemption 3, in conjunction with the National Security Act of 1947, to redact information from James Comey’s memos concerning his meeting with President Trump; (2) agency properly relied on Exemption 1 with respect to 12 of 20 redactions from Comey’s memos.

Daily Caller News Found. v. FBI (D.D.C.) -- denying FBI’s request for an Open America stay because agency failed to show “exceptional circumstances” or that it made sufficient progress in reducing its backlog; denying plaintiff’s request for FBI to process 1200 pages per month instead of FBI’s usual rate of 500 pages per month.

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