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FOIA News: More on yesterday's FOIA Advisory Committee's meeting

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How does FOIA fit under the Trump administration?

By Chase Gunter, FCW, Jan. 26, 2017

In the absence of new directives from the Trump administration, open government advocates from the public and private sectors are continuing their work to strengthen and expand the use of the Freedom of Information Act.

FOIA is a 50-year-old transparency law compelling the federal government to disclose information requested by citizens, with certain exceptions for privacy and security concerns. The Freedom of Information Act Advisory Committee, which met on Jan. 26 in Washington, is a panel created in 2014 to encourage dialog between government and the requestor community.

Committee chair and Office of Government Information Services Director Alina Semo told FCW that FOIA would play an important role in a Trump administration, as it has under prior presidents, by providing a way for the public to directly access government documents.

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