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FOIA News: MuckRock is Crowdsourcing FOIA Ideas

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We’re building a new database of FOIA ideas to showcase the power of transparency

By Michael Morisy, MuckRock, Feb. 6, 2018

Have a clever request you want to share with other requesters? Now’s your chance as we’re building the ultimate directory of FOIA and public records ideas to help new requesters get inspired while showcasing how valuable public records are in keeping government open and accountable.

You can submit your suggestions below. We’ll be reviewing submissions and publishing them all in a searchable database so that whether you’re looking for a random idea or trying to get a better sense of how to dive into a topic, you’ll be able to find other request ideas, request language, and expert tips to build off of.

If you’re new or relatively new to FOIA, you can browse through other requests people have filed to get a sense of how requests are phrased. In general, we’re looking for specific, repeatable request topics that others can learn from and use to explore issues.

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